Sea Power Marine is Canada’s first and only dealer for Kabola! Our technicians went to the Netherlands for authorized special training to provide our customers with the expertise they need to have the best heating system in the market.

Whether it is a yacht, boat, RV or custom orders, Kabola has a wide range boilers, heaters and accessories to fit your heating needs.

“Kabola is a Dutch manufacturer of oil-fired central-heating systems for daily use. Thanks to our innovation, the long lifespan and our excellent service, Kabola is the market leader. Due to new techology the oil-fired central-heating systems are now also clean, economic and silent. In addition they are also small, which can be seen in our most recent fully automatic diesel-fired Compact 7 model.  Kabola central-heating systems can be continuously used and have an average lifespan of about 15 years or more. Our Kabola boilers and stoves work with conventional fuels such as diesel, oil, home heating oil or new fuels like clean bio fuels. For yachts, ships, campers or tailor-made orders, Kabola supplies a wide variety of boilers, stoves and accessories.”

The Power of Kabola

  • Dutch product
  • Supply from stock
  • Good and fast service
  • Customer driven
  • Extensive range
  • Professional personnel
  • Designed, produced and installed
  • Made to measure flue gas removal
  • Worldwide network
  • Low costs, maximum comfort

Kabola Produces

Central-heating boilerheating only

Central-heating boiler with settingssupplies heating and warm water via an externally attached boiler.

Combination boilerprovides heating and continuous hot water

Warm air heating systemheating, window demisting, heating stern area

Kabola heating systems are fitted in the following sectors:

  • Yacht building industry
  • Recreational yachts, sailing boats and motor boats
  • Commercial shipping, ferries and cruise ships
  • Inland waterway shipping, tug boats, fishing boats
  • Transport sector, campervans, horse transportation
  • Lorries
  • Bio fuel production
  • Chemical technical cleaning
  • Tracing in the oil and gas sector
  • Anti-freeze systems in for example ships, lorries and lighthouses
  • Holiday homes, chalets/mobile homes, site offices, barges and remote cabins
  • Glass cleaning services
  • Offshore industry

Kabola Heating Systems has already been a household name in the shipping industry for more than half a century. With its in-house developed heating systems Kabola symbolizes high quality and durability. In addition, efficient production planning and effective stock management enables rapid delivery, usually from stock. The Kabola high quality guarantee is made possible by the process of continually developing and improving the products. Durability and comfort are crucial to Kabola which is evident in the clean, quiet, energy efficient, economical systems matched with the optimal  user-friendly, fully automatic operation system.