About Us

Our Philosophy is Based on the Details!

Sea Power – providing outstanding, reliable customer service since 1978.

Here at Sea Power we value our customers. Since 1978 we have provided superior customer service by trained professionals to keep your vessel safe and ready. Our mission is to become the number one marine service provider on the west coast. We will do this by providing our customers with important vessel information, as well as establishing a routine maintenance schedule. Sea Power is not only about fixing your damaged vessel but will educate you to become a more confident boater. Our customers will always be glad to see us. We are always available to assist in the maintenance of your vessel. Our trained professionals will reliable friendly customer service guaranteed.   Sea Power we will help you with the regular maintenance of your marine vessel, saving costly unnecessary repairs in the future. Our team of trusted professionals is here to help you with your watercraft needs.


We’re Hiring!

If you are interested in joining the Sea Power team, please send a resume in confidence to seapower@seapower.ca